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  • Welcome to H-A's Community Website!

    Welcome to H-A's Community Website!

    Hope you enjoy your stay with us and find our site helpful.
  • We Are Recruiting Now!

    We Are Recruiting Now!

    We are an Active Raiding Guild, if you are interested in joining our Ranks please Submit your application Now! Click Here
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Welcome to Halcyon Affinity!

About us:
           Halcyon Affinity has been around for over 8 years. Formed by a small group of friends clearing Karazhan every week, the guild has grown into a large raiding guild. Most of our members have been here for majority of the guild’s life. While the guild’s main goal is to progress through raiding content at quick pace, we don’t forget that this is a game and we all play to have fun. We enjoy playing together and are looking for people who know when to relax, and when to be focused, without hurting our raids.


What is it like raiding with Halcyon Affinity?

In H-A we believe that a well-structured approach to preparation is the key to fast progress. We have a very experienced officer team dedicated to running our tactics process, which includes:

  • Optional weekly tactics meetings for those who wish to contribute. (During Progress)
  • Detailed tactic sheets available to the raiding team.
  • Active tactics discussions on our website where the guild can discuss previous and future raids.

We value players who can contribute to the advancement of the guild. We want players who can think for themselves, improvise on the go and who can be given any task and perform it precisely.

Halcyon Affinity is not a guild, we are a family. We look after each other and are a very close knit team. Our primary goal is to push progression but to also enjoy spending time with each other outside of raids. Whether that’s alt raids, various other games or just being on Discord at 3am hanging out. You will find yourself turning up for the raids but staying for the guild.


What are we recruiting?

During T20 we refined our approach to raiding, and built upon our strengths for T21. Halcyon Affinity is now looking to climb the rankings going forward into the Battle for Azeroth.

  • We are looking for raiders that share our vision, who can carry their own weight.
  • We want to recruit exceptional players, because we believe that the right players will get the job done - regardless of class/gear.

We still look to fill some specific roles:

  • We are currently recruiting all specs/classes.
  • Particularly interested in hardcore raiders that wish to raid fewer days/hours.
  • Specific classes and roles will be mentioned in the frame above and is current.
    (In some cases exceptions can be made if the player is exceptional)                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Halcyon Affinity - Friday 8pm-11pm, Saturday 8pm-11pm  *Server*

Violent Tendencies - TBA *Server*  

Progression raids can be extended when we are very close to a kill. 

(Farm content is obviously less – a couple days a week for 1-3hours a day, progression is longer hours and more raiding days.)

* For recruitment based inquiries add halcyonprime#1360 or any other officers in-game and have a chat.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


Congratulations Halcyon Affinity

Congratulations to our amazing raid team in getting our heroic Kil'Jaeden kill.



  • Our Policies
  • Re-guilding
  • Read before applying
  • Raid Rules
  • What We Offer!
  • What We Expect!

These are the rules of our community. They are designed to create fun and excitement, while providing some form of guidance as to how our guild fits into WoW. These rules will change from time to time and are subject to amendment. It is your responsibility to know what the rules are. 

  • Have fun at all times!
  • Respect and follow guidance from the Guild Leader, Officers, Members, and other players.      
  • Members must keep up to date with current events / schedules happening in guild.      
  • Racist language or anything that belittles or demeans others is prohibited in /guild chat, vent and any other communication unless you are 100% certain you are not causing offense. We can not guarantee you wont be exposed to entirely pg material as most of the guild is 21+.
  • No begging for Items, Money, Buffs, Resurrections or Power Leveling. Asking once is just fine but be patient and let the other person have fun and enjoy their game also. Buying/selling within is discouraged.
  • All Guild Activities are organized to guilds server time for uniformity.    
  • If you leave H-A, there are no hard feelings and we wish you luck. However, unless other arrangements have been made, when you de-tag and leave us, all of your toons go with you.
  • Members of H-A may have other characters in other guilds but be prepared to suffer consequences if you do not meet your guilds obligations. (Does not include officers)
  • 30 day recruit trial period from the day you join Halcyon Affinity.
  • Be aware that these rules are subject to revision by the officers for the benefit of community, and are used at the discretion of the guild leader. The guild leader or officers may also find it necessary from time to time to make exceptions to policy based on guild circumstances at that time.
  • The leadership of H-A is there to ensure policies are enforced and understood, and to make decisions for the benefit of the guild.
  • We do not tolerate any negative or toxic behavior from our raiders. Any criticism will be given in a constructive and useful manner. Nothing is personal. We as a team are here support and motivate each other to perform better.


  • Individual must post why they are leaving or they will not be eligible.
  • No prejudices will be held for leaving for any reason, as long as no trash talking or disrespect occurred.
  • If you were booted then you are not eligible for reguilding.
  • All reguilding must be agreed on by officers and only after individual request to be reguilded in an application. The guild leader holds right of veto on any final vote.
  • Member will come back as a recruit and must serve normal recruiting / voting period
  • If member quits twice they are not eligible for reentry.
  • If a new member quits before his probation period is up then they are not eligible for reentry. Special case instances will be taken into account.
  • This policy is subject to the discretion of the guild leader and officers as deemed beneficial for the betterment of the guild.

- Please allow 1-3days to even receive initial response to your application, possibly longer for a final decision to be made. (this means - do not whisper any officers in game about your application, we're busy people and will get to it on our own)
- If your application disappears from the Applications' forum, we've simply moved it to a private officer forum to discuss further, no reason to panic.
- To apply privately, send a private message to:

Halcyon Affinity: Itsdolomite (halcyonprime#1360)

Which players are we recruiting?

We are looking for players who fill these roles:

  • Who can perform at a high level and think for themselves.
  • Who can handle constructive criticism.
  • Who can keep their focus during progression time.
  • Who can consistently maintain very high attendance.
  • Must be able to play 1 alt character as we split run every tier
  • Who have a min max attitude and aim to perform at the highest skill level. This requires keeping up to date with class theory crafting, off specs and bosses of the current tier.


These points are non-negotiable, we do not make any exceptions for anyone!

Mandatory mods for applicants:

1. oRA3

2. Omen Threatmeters

3. A mouse - this mod makes it so you don't have to turn with a keyboard

4. Deadly Boss Mods

1. Clique

2. Grid - widely considered the best healing raid frames
(The healer mods aren't mandatory, but highly recommended)

1. Pallypower


Raid Leader = Raid God

  • The Raid Leader will communicate where and what the raid is doing. His word is Law, take your disagreements and complaints offline, and suck it up during the raid
  • The Raid Leader is extremely busy, do not bug him, other officers are there for any tells you think absolutely must be sent during the raid.
  • While constructive input and comments can be a good thing at the appropriate time make sure you use massive amounts of discretion, if you are a problem you will be muted.
  • We expect every player to know every fight before even seeing it. You should be knowledgeable about your class and how to maximize your damage during the encounter while performing every mechanic perfectly.
  • We will try and make every pull efficient by quickly discussing our errors/changes and addressing [email protected]#$ ups promptly. We expect minimal [email protected]#$ ups in raid. If 1 person in the raid [email protected]#$ up we expect everyone in the raid to learn from it. Expect every mechanic in the fight will go on you.
  • If you cannot deal with being sat for 2 weeks or wiping for 2 weeks this isnt the guild or game for you.
  • Anyone can make a raid group as long as you can get a group together, post your group and times in the proper forum.
  • We do not add extra days unless we miss a raid day due to absences/sever issues etc. Invites for every raid go out on the hour (15mins before raid)

Members also have a responsibility when raiding with Halcyon Affinity:

1. Listen to the Raid Leader

2. Have required add-ons

3. Bring any consumables you may need

4. Listen to the Raid Leader – obey the Raid Leader

5. Keep banter to the appropriate times in vent chat

6. Pay attention to both Discord chat and raid chat

7. Read about and be knowledgeable about the raid encounter you are attending

8. Do not argue with the raid leaders or fellow members during a raid. It is Ok to make a suggestion or help with additional knowledge, but do not be offended if the raid leaders decide to not use your suggestion at this time. The raid is not the place to argue over it. Any concerns about decisions made, target, time etc can be more expressly discussed on the forums. Mention a potential helpful hint, offer a suggestion, but ultimately the raid leader calls the shots and it ends there.

9. Everyone in the raid team must have an alt which they can play close to the level of their main. It is that players responsibility to make sure their alt is maintained to an acceptable standard.

10. No random afks/breaks. If you need to leave the raid for a bit you need to tell us, dont expect to be swapped back in straightaway when you return. Have some respect for the other raiders. Its their time you are wasting.

11. Be courteous over discord. Use Push to talk and dont talk over people or be disrespectful. Learn to talk when you need to. We dont need to hear why you died mid fight.

           A raid is a battle, and trust in your raid leader is a necessity. If you have any problems with the capabilities of the raid leaders or their decisions, again, bring them to the boards for constructive talk or take it to the guild leader in private. Everyone has a choice, and if you do not want to listen to the raid leaders or officers of H-A, you do not have to be in this guild. This is not a "do what we say or you are out" rule. This is a "let's be adults and follow the leaders we have in place and there is a constructive time to rebut" rule, and the raid is not it.

Effective and efficient raids - We don’t raid 7 days a week for 5-6 hours a day, and we don’t expect anybody else to. We spend our time wisely, and get as much done as we can in the limited amount of time. We cleared pre-nerf Sunwell on a 4day a week schedule, 3-4 hours a day. Outside of an occasional 12 hour raid to get a server first clear title, we don’t expect our schedule to change. We value our time, and we will value yours.

Fun – This is a game, we’re meant to enjoy it, and we do. While being serious on progression raids, we do keep our farm nights relaxed and entertaining. If you can combine staying focused and paying attention to your performance and surroundings with enjoying a Ventrilo conversation, this is the guild for you.

You are constantly staying up to date on your class, and looking to improve your performance. If you find yourself reading EJ forums daily, theorycrafting and figuring out best specs, gear choices, gems and enchants for your class and build, that’s a good start.

You are able to think on the fly while paying close attention to your surroundings. If you never die to environmental effects (void zones, fires), pay attention to your Hit Points on Twilight Torment phase of Sartharion, notice other people in danger and point their attention to it before they die, all while pushing your character to the limits performance wise. That’s even better.

You pick up new things quick, and not repeat same mistakes. This becomes essential to the speed of progression, as most guilds struggle with new bosses due to raiders continually repeating same mistakes.

You understand the bigger picture around boss encounters. Not only can you do your own job exceptionally well, but you have no problem explaining the fight to someone who’s healing it, tanking it, or DPSing it. You understand the fight from all angles because you are genuinely interested in raiding, optimizing strategies and being a better player (and raid).

You have extensive raiding experience. We’d like you to have raided regularly at least through most of Cata, preferably Wrath and BC. Applicants with pre-nerf Cata and Wrath experience will have an upper hand over those who “quit for Cata but now gear reset so I’m back lol”. Please don’t claim to have raided something you haven’t. We interview our applicants very carefully and if you lied about something, it will come out, if not during your interview process, during your trial period.

You know how to manage your time. This is huge. As mentioned earlier, we don’t raid all that much, and we need our players on when we do. Know how to manage your time, you know when we are raiding, and you will be there. Occasional absence is completely normal, but people below 90% attendance usually don’t stick around too long. We are a relatively small group of players, and it’s easy to tell when someone has been slacking on showing up to raids.

We expect every player to know every fight before even seeing it. You should be knowledgeable about your class and how to maximize your damage during the encounter while performing every mechanic perfectly.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in. And if you sound like something we’d be interested in. Please fill out an application or contact Blessedtouch on Bladefist

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